Wednesday, December 22, 2010

not sure anyone even reads my post's so...

My friend Katie just posted about postpartum issues and I just wanted to second her experience! I too had the baby blues! People don't talk about this stuff and it really should be mentioned. After Willa was born I think I was just on this high for a few days b/c things were just perfect! About a week after we were home from the hospital I started to feel myself pulling away from my mommy roll... not physically (ie - diaper changes, feedings, holding her etc...) but emotionally. I felt withdrawn and like the worst mother in the world! I didn't understand why I didn't want to hold her every second of ever day? I had many tear sessions alone and with my husband (he was such a great encouragement!). I think the worst day was when I was getting off my pain meds, Kevin went back to work, and of course I still had these postpartum hormones. It felt like I was never going to feel happy again like I was just trapped in these feelings that I was having. I have slowly come out of these sad withdrawn emotions and started to feel much better. Occasionally I get anxiety when I nurse her but if that is all that happens I can handle it! I just wanted to share my story to help girls know that you will most likely go through a few days of these un-fun emotions but let it out, cry if you need to, talk to other mothers and you will soon feel better! If you don't please talk to your doctor!

On another note, Willa is perfect! She is my little princess! I thank God daily for giving us such a special gift.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Birthday Blog

It's my husbands birthday today and I am sitting here wishing I could give him the world right now b/c that is what he does for me every day. I know i'm one of the lucky ones. He is an AMAZING husband and now perfect father. He takes his roll in our marriage very seriously and always looks to God for his daily guidance!He works so hard to provide for us and never complains. He loves our daughter whole heartedly. The way he looks at her melts my heart. My husband deserves the world today... but all I have is many thank yous, much love, and a Happy Birthday!

I love you Kevin Rock! You Rock My World!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

pics from the first two weeks!

Willa's Aunt Michelle gave her these cute boots...i'm betting she
will be able to wear them next winter too!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Willa's Fan Club

Willa had MANY visitors in the hospital! We tried to get pictures of her with everyone that came but there were some we missed. Here she is with all her adoring fans!

Papi (Kevin's Dad) with Willa
Mimi (my grandmother) I just love she could be here for this!
My Childhood best friend came from Oklahoma to see her! Anna did not come to the hospital but I felt it necessary to include her in this post!
Amy Jo (one of my closest friends and hairstylist... yes, I credit her for making me look good)
Emily (another very close friend... and the most talented dance director ever!)
Cathy (my mom's best friend but I call her my "other mother" b/c I have known her since I was a small child and she has always been like another mother figure to me)
Jay (my best friend Amber's dad... she just moved to Florida and couldn't make it, but her dad was so sweet to come and hold her in Amber's place)
My sweet sweet friend Bre (we danced together in the past and is one of my closest friends!)
My mom and Aunt (Dad's sister - she is AMAZING and has also taken some
cute pics of my lil Willa)
Lacey (Sweet friend who I love dearly... know her for years!)
Unlce Travis (my brother)
I am realizing there are no pics of Willa and my best friend Zip!! This is HORRIBLE! Not sure how that happened but Zip, we need to remedy this ASAP!

Thank you to everyone that has shared this special week with Kevin and I! We are so blessed to have such great friends and family.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 6th 2010

This date will forever be stored away in my head as the best day of my life!

Kevin and I had spent all day Sunday together just enjoying eachother's company. We had the best time knowing that on Monday it would all change! Here we are after our last "date night" pre baby:

The next morning I was up at 6:45 taking my time fixing myself up for my first time to meet my little Willa! I spent extra time on my hair and makeup and even decided to go with pink eyeshadow in celebration of having a girl! We headed to the hospital by 8am and once we were there we were taken to our room where I was hooked up to all the machines and ready to go! Here we are waiting for the doctors to come take us away to deliver our baby:

Kevin in his scrubs:

Here I am all ready for them to cut me open! I was a little nervous as you can see:
Here she is getting cleaned off! The nurses were so good to her and Kevin stood by the whole time to make sure everything went ok:

Me and Willa right after she was born... I was in love!

We had birthday cake ready to eat! We all celebrated with a sparkling cider toast also.
Here she is all nice and clean after her bath:
Over all this day was AMAZING! We had many people visit us in the hospital and I will be posting pictures of all Willa's visitors tomorrow.

I just have to say... I am so happy! Willa is perfection! She has changed my life already and although I don't have much time to blog or facebook anymore, it is WAY better! What can I say? I love this whole mommy thing. I do also have to mention that Kevin is an AMAZING daddy. Willa is a week old tomorrow and I have only changed TWO diapers. I was healing from m c-section but now Kevin is just willing to do it. He says it "their thing". LOL! Who knew?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby Watch!

Yesterday I had my amniocentesis at Presby Allen. Kevin and I arrived to the labor and deliver and were escorted into our room where we waited for about an hour. Finally a nurse arrived (one whom I had not met yet after my long stay in the hospital a few weeks back). She was very short with me and at one point down right rude to the point that Kevin and I were a little nervous! I just continued to be myself and gave her no reason to be like that. Kill them with kindness usually always works! I later over heard her tell one of the other nurses (from outside the room) that was coming into meet with me "This is her room here...she's really sweet". I thought... hmmm she must be warming up to me! From that point on she was much nicer. I guess she just wasn't much of a morning person. Around 9:15 Dr. Sloan came in to do my amnio. There are some risks involved with this procedure. My water could break from the needle or I could start having contractions that could bring on labor. Needless to say the room got very quiet when she broke out the long needle! Kevin was standing by my head trying to distract me but when that needle started to go in my belly he stopped mid sentence and his eyes grew as big as the moon! Of course that really wasn't helping me. It did not hurt too bad. The only pain I felt was when it was going through my uterus muscle. Everyone in the room kept complimenting Dr. Sloan's work and saying how great she was doing. This was so encouraging! She managed to get everything she needed in one try. Apparently this is a great thing. I had to wait until 1pm for them to release me b/c they had to monitor me and Willa to be sure nothing went wrong.

Now we wait! They told us we should hear something by around 4pm. We went to eat and stopped by target (even though I am still supposed to be on bed rest) b/c I needed to get a few things. First off...I have not been to target in FOREVER! So you can imagine my excitement! Second... I knew I was not supposed to be "walking around" so I ended up driving one of the rascal carts around. HAHAHA! It was a sight for sure! Not going to lie, it was nothing short of amazing! I could go up and down all the isle without getting winded! Thank you Target for supporting those who can't walk through your giant store! We were able to pick up the little odds and ends we needed for baby and headed home!

Once we got home we started looking at movies and thinking of where we were going to go to dinner once we heard back from the doctors. We were getting so excited and nostalgic that this was to be our last night just the two of us! We went to rest for a bit in bed waiting for "the call" but 4pm came and went and no call : (. We both nodded of for a while and around 5:30 my phone rang!! Both of us jumped to find it under the covers... I answered and it was Dr. Sloan calling to let us know our results were in. She said "I have bad news" my heart sank. Baby Willa's lungs were just not ready. After hanging up the phone I was not sure how to handle this news. On one hand, Willa is top priority and we trust in Gods plan above anything else! On the other side, this means more bed rest, more discomfort, and worse more fear of going to bed and waking up in a dangerous situation! It took a bit but I was okay in the end.

This morning I wake up to a call from the sweet OB coordinator Carolyn. She explained that my doctors consulted with Dr. Peters (the perinatologist I have been seeing) and he said baby still needs to come out sooner than later. I am higher risk now after 36 weeks and Willa's life is less jeopardize in the NICU than inside my body. They put me on some oral steroids and I will OFFICIALLY be having her this Monday December 6th at 10am. I am in constant prayer now that Willa's lungs develop over this week and she will not need to be in the NICU at all! We are excited to meet our baby girl but just want everything on Gods timing!

Thank you all for the love and support through this crazy ride of a pregnancy we have had! God has blessed us abundantly with amazing friends and family! Without you all, Kevin and I would be having a much harder time with all of this. We love you!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting anxious!!!!

Top ten things I am looking forward to when Willa comes:

1. Having my body back to myself. It is so nice to feel her move around but come on people it is like having this house guest that just won't leave!

2. Getting back to normal emotionally...I know it won't happen right away, but I am always going from happy to sad. It is tiring!

3. Sleeping on my back and not being so uncomfortable all night long!

4. Regular bathroom habits.

5. NOT being on bed rest!

6. SUSHI!!!! Not the cooked stuff like I have had a few times during pregnancy but the real deal raw fish! I am going to have the biggest plate full ever when I can!

7. A glass of wine here and there!

8. Dancing! I miss it so much!

9. Working out.


10. Being able to meet my precious baby girl!

I leave you with a peak at Willa's room. It is not completely done (some more stuff will be done to the walls) but it is mostly done : )


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

33 weeks!

I have made it two weeks since I had to go to the hospital because of my previa! So happy! The latest news is if my previa doesn't cause me to have to deliver sooner I will be having this little sweety December 1st! Because she will still be a month early I will have to have an amniocentesis (where they stick a long needle into my belly to collect some of the amniotic fluid) to make sure Willa's lungs are mature enough. This will happen the day before my c-section. She is growing nicely too! Last week when I went to see the specialist he told me she was about 4lb 6oz already. I am predicting her to be about 6lbs at 36 weeks. We will see!

Here are a couple of my prego pics taken when I was 30 weeks:

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hospital update

Hello readers! Coming to you from the hospital today. Looks like I will be here at least until Tuesday possibly for the remainder of my pregnancy : (.

Last night I was trying not to get worked up over my precious Rangers (Anyone who knows me well knows I have been invested since first pitch of opening day this year) and while I was doing my part my sweet hubby wasn't so happy. He was watching two games, FSU and Rangers, both teams not doing so hot. I started getting braxton hicks contractions very close together (within the 6 min apart range) but never a consistent time. I went to bed and woke up at 2:15 or so with some significant bleeding. Those of you who follow my blog know I have placenta previa... this can cause tearing a weakening of the placenta since it is in the wrong spot.

The Doctors said Willa is not in any stress! Good news! I just need to be closely monitored and if I have any larger bleedings they may have to take her sooner than later. They have already given me some steroid shots to help develop her lungs and intestines quicker... just in case. Please pray that I hold up at least until 36 weeks (I am 31 weeks and 2 days)! This is the main goal. I will post more when I know more!

Thank you for the prayers!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Willa's Bedding

I am so excited! Willa's bedding is all done and it is everything I had envisioned! My mom is truly a servant and has worked countless hours on making this bedding. It is PERFECTION in every way and Willa will be such a pretty princess in her bed : ). Thank you mom! You are AMAZING and when I grow up I want to be just like you! Of course the lighting in the room is really bright so the colors seem a little off but you get the idea... Ever piece was made except for the fitted sheet.

Check it out!

Friday, October 8, 2010

28 & 2 days

Here we are... just had my 28 week checkup and my ultrasound to find out how my placenta previa is coming along. Good news is Willa is doing great and since I personally know my sonogram tech she snuck some great 3d images in too!!! One thing I have been praying for is that she has her Daddy's lips.... SHE DOES! They are big and oh so cute! She kept opening her mouth and we saw her yawn too! She is perfect! The down side is I have complete previa and am scheduled for a c-section on December 21st... which happens to be Kevin's BIRTHDAY! They will share such a special day together : ). This also means I will be home from the hospital by Christmas!! While I am sad I won't be experiencing real labor it is nice that this is all planned out ahead of time! I just ask for your prayers as previa can become dangerous for myself and Willa. It can cause major bleeding and in some cases can be fatal (not to scare anyone)! I just need to start taking it easy and not over do it for the next 10 weeks. Just send out those prayers! Here are some snapshots of our little beauty queen:

Friday, September 24, 2010

Heading into my 3rd TRI

Hello readers! I am less than a week out from my third trimester and realized I have not blogged in a loooooong time! There are MANY reasons's for this! I am working a lot lately, I have been taking care of my husband (he had surgery on his achilles), and my computer has not been working properly for the last month. This weekend my computer finally kicked the dust. I knew it was happening but I am sad : (. I have had this thing for like 6 years! I knew it was time for a new one just tried to hold off as long as possible. Kevin and I are going to Best Buy tonight to pick up a new laptop! I am very excited to say the least! I will hopfully have all of my data up and running on my new comp by the end of this weekend.

Here is a little survey to catch you up on my pregnancy by 26 1/2 weeks:

Mother Name: Liz
Age: 27
Father Name: Kevin
Age: 30
How far along are you now?: 26 1/2 weeks
Is this your first pregnancy?: Yes : )

My BABY: Due date:: Decemeber 29th 2010

Do you want to know the sex?: Yes it is a girl!

Any intuitions?: Yes... They were wrong. I thought it was going to be a boy

Any Old Wives Tale for Gender? The pin on a said GIRL!

Do you know the sex?: Girl

Any names?: Willa Christina Rock

Any ultrasounds?: One at 7 and again at 19 weeks....I will be getting another on in two weeks from today!

Have you heard the heartbeat?: Yes, my favorite part about going to the doctor!

Who do you think baby will look like?: I am not sure but if she were to have a feature from her daddy it would for sure be his big lips! From me....I hope she gets my eye color!

Will baby have any siblings?: Judging by this pregnancy...not for a loooong time!

Have you felt baby move?: ALLLLLLLLL the time! It is the best part about being prego!

Did you have any cravings?: for the first few months fast food only would do... now I am wanting healthier stuff. I also have to hit up starbucks for a decaf mocha frap daily!

Did you have any mood swings?: Not really but I have had maybe 3 or 4 cry sessions over the last 6 months. Not too many. I am def not cranky or the "B" word.

Are you a high risk pregnancy?: Possibly, I have placenta previa. I will find out in two weeks if it has gotten any better or not. If not I will have to have a c-section. PRAY!

Any complications?: None so far. Keeping my fingers crossed to stay that way.

Formula or breastfeeding?: breastfeeding

Have you bought anything for baby yet?: YESSSSSSSSSS! I love to by her things! Mostly clothes and shoes : )

When did you start to show?: Really started showing around 13 weeks.

Are you excited?: Ecstatic!

Who will help with baby after their born?: My sister will be intown to help for a bit and of course Kevin! My parents also live 5 mins away too! I am so blessed to have such a great support system!

What is your favorite thing about being pregnant?: Feeling the baby move around! Also knowing that I get to have a sweet baby girl at the end of all of this is exciting on a daily basis.

What is the worst thing about being pregnant?: being sick for 4 months! BACK PAIN! just down right uncomfortable!

What’s one thing do you miss doing since being pregnant?: Dancing! And have a glass of wine every now and then.

Any days you wish you weren't pregnant?: Hmmm pretty much the first trimester and a half! I was greatfull for the blessing but it was VERY hard to keep my eyes on the prize some days...

Are you ready for baby?: NOOOOO I have SO SO SO much to do! I have to paint the dresser, order the furniture, sew the bedding/curtains, and put together everything we get from the showers!

Do you have insurance?: Yes!

How many kids do you want?: Hmm probably just 2 : )

Do you talk to your baby?: not really... I have before but it seems kinda weird.

Do you still feel attractive?: Not really, I think that has a lot to do with what I went through right before I got prego.

Have you had your baby shower yet?: My first one with my family is coming up next month! So excited! Then my best friends are throwing me one in Novemeber!!!!

Do you like kids?: I hope so I have worked with them for over 13 years!

What is your biggest fear? That she will come really early! I watch all those baby shows and a lot can go wrong! I am just not sure how I would handle having to leave her at the hosptial. My best friend Zip had to go through this just 3 months ago and she was such a great example to me on how to trust in God's sovereignty in a situation like this!

Well that's all fellow bloggers! Hope to update you with a pic soon!

Friday, September 3, 2010


I cut about 8 inches off my hair on Wednesday! I don't have any good pics of it yet but I will post soon! I guess this means I am one step closer to looking more like a mom... lol : )

Here is what it kinda looks like:

Sunday, August 29, 2010

22 and 1/2 weeks update

Well, I HAVE MADE IT! I am finally out of the woods I think with this getting sick every day thing. I have much more energy and have started into the "nesting" phase for sure. I have been cleaning every day and am getting the baby room all planned and even painted it last week! Well I didn't paint... Kevin and my dad did, but I went up every so often to check on them : ). I have purchased the material to make the baby bedding and have also bought a crib, rug, and dresser (i still have to repaint this). I am really excited about the quilt my mother-in-law is making for Willa! She makes the most gorgeous quilts and CAN NOT wait to see the finished product!

Willa moves constantly! Kevin has been able to feel her for about 3 weeks now but she has just started to become visible to both of us! Our new thing is to WATCH her move around... it is the coolest thing ever I think! I am getting bigger every day. As of a little over a week ago people have been telling me I "look" pregnant now... I just don't know how I feel about that scale! I don't want to gain more than I should but I just may be on this track. I do get some contractions now and then (braxton hicks...fake ones) but they don't hurt that bad. Right now I am just waiting for my next sono in about four more weeks!!

I am sure most of you know God has decided to give me a little taste of how mother hood will be. How it feels for someone to be completely dependant on you!! Kevin ruptured his Achilles and had surgery on Friday and I have had to completely take care of him! It has been pretty good but I will be happy in a month when he can get around without crutches!

Think that's it!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

That shirt is working hard!

22 week belly pic! I don't look so cute in the face and hair! Just got out of the shower and it is early in the morning... BUT here we are in all our girly glory!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Willa's Baby Room

Here are my nursery colors! I would call them Raspberry red, celery green and slate blue! The furniture will be a mix of walnut wood and white wood.


Here is my room inspiration! This is mostly inspiration I have a few fun ideas up my sleeve too!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's a GIRL!

Well, fully expecting this morning to see boy you can imagine our surprise when we hear..."It's a girl!". It was such a fun experience because I have known the ultra sound tech since I was a little girl! She is my best friend Amber's Aunt. She took her time with us and it just made the whole thing so exciting! Thank you Robin!
Here is a pic from the sono:
She has her hands up like she is Rockin' out!

On to the name! We chose her first name long ago. We both really loved the name and did not agree on one together ever since! So...we are excited about it! Her middle name is after Kevin's mom who passed when he was a senior in high school. We know that she would be so excited about a little girl and wanted to honor her! It also happens to my best friends name too ; ).

Pebble's name will be:

Willa Christina Rock

Of course after my appointment Kevin and I were naturally ECSTATIC! I called my family and surprised my mom at work! We ended up going to the mall to pick out some cute things for baby Willa. My Mom got her the CUTEST bikini for next summer along with some diva shades! We also got some Trumpet socks from Neiman's and the cutest lil' fake Uggs from Target! This is going to DRAIN my pocket book, but I am crazy excited to have a little dancer!

I will post about nursery ideas tomorrow...momma is wiped out from this fun day!

Here are some pics of what I got: