Saturday, June 26, 2010

Belly time...

Me at 13.5 Weeks

I did just have a massive cupcake but I don't think that is why my belly is bigger... I think baby Rock is just growing! Lil Pebble is already 3.5 to 4 inches BIG! I also think I look bigger than usual b/c I am wearing a form fitting dress : )

Friday, June 11, 2010

Where is this glow people speak of?

Just wanted to send out a little update on how me and the little Pebble are:

First off - who enjoys this? This has been the most miserable month and a half of my life! They say you get this "glow" when your preggo... WHAT!? I beg to differ. I am rounding the end of my first trimester and am SLLLLOOOOWWWWLLLYY joining in the human race again after almost 6 weeks of sleeping on the couch sick as a
dog everyday! I pretty much in my mind
had the stomach flu for 6 weeks! NOT FUN people! I hate to complain but it is all you can think about! I am so glad that I think I am starting to come out of this rage of hormones against my body causing insane things to happen to me including have the face of a 14 year old pubescent girl. I'm talking massive craters boys and girls! Enough of this bad stuff moving on...

Few things about my pregnancy:

I am currently 13 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow! This means my baby has most everything developed. Now it just needs to grow and get bigger and stronger!

For those who do not know yet my due date is December 29th. This is great but my baby will be sharing not only the holidays with her b-day but also many family members b-day's also. There are 7 close family members (including Kevin's) who's b-da
ys are in December! WOW! Talk about craziness!

Many of you have read my blog and know that Kevin and I had struggled with infertility for 3 years. This baby is a HUGE miracle! Not only was it a BIG surprise for us but we did not have to spend money on fertility treatments ether (which is what we were currently saving for). God constantly keeps us on our toes and is ALWAYS surprising us! I love that because it is such a reminder that He is there and He cares about us all!

I have only gained about 2 to 3 lbs so far. Don't know if that's a lot or not but I have been so sick that I would probably have gained much more than that! I am
still fitting into my tiny jeans so that's a plus. No muffin top either but I do feel pressure on my tummy so I have to unbutton them when I am sitting... lol!

Cravings - They are different every week! Literary! One week salty, one week sweet, one week fried (well I always like fried ; ) ) and I am FINALLY starting to eat salads again! The other day all I could think about was Chucks (for my p-wood crew) chicken tenders, curly fries and of course HONEY MUSTARD... ahhhh! How good does that sounds? Could not get it out of my mind! We ended up going to Babes Chicken and WOW that place is GREAT!

That's it for now! I leave you with belly pic! I feel like I look fat but you understand right?

Sorry for the bad pic quality I used my bad camera.