Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 6th 2010

This date will forever be stored away in my head as the best day of my life!

Kevin and I had spent all day Sunday together just enjoying eachother's company. We had the best time knowing that on Monday it would all change! Here we are after our last "date night" pre baby:

The next morning I was up at 6:45 taking my time fixing myself up for my first time to meet my little Willa! I spent extra time on my hair and makeup and even decided to go with pink eyeshadow in celebration of having a girl! We headed to the hospital by 8am and once we were there we were taken to our room where I was hooked up to all the machines and ready to go! Here we are waiting for the doctors to come take us away to deliver our baby:

Kevin in his scrubs:

Here I am all ready for them to cut me open! I was a little nervous as you can see:
Here she is getting cleaned off! The nurses were so good to her and Kevin stood by the whole time to make sure everything went ok:

Me and Willa right after she was born... I was in love!

We had birthday cake ready to eat! We all celebrated with a sparkling cider toast also.
Here she is all nice and clean after her bath:
Over all this day was AMAZING! We had many people visit us in the hospital and I will be posting pictures of all Willa's visitors tomorrow.

I just have to say... I am so happy! Willa is perfection! She has changed my life already and although I don't have much time to blog or facebook anymore, it is WAY better! What can I say? I love this whole mommy thing. I do also have to mention that Kevin is an AMAZING daddy. Willa is a week old tomorrow and I have only changed TWO diapers. I was healing from m c-section but now Kevin is just willing to do it. He says it "their thing". LOL! Who knew?


  1. Go Kevin!!!!! She really is a beautiful baby, and I love me some Willa!! Can't wait for her and Sammy to besties like her momma and me!!!