Wednesday, August 25, 2010

That shirt is working hard!

22 week belly pic! I don't look so cute in the face and hair! Just got out of the shower and it is early in the morning... BUT here we are in all our girly glory!


  1. I like in the second picture how your dog is looking at you like "what the heck are you doing". Poor baby, he has no idea what's ahead!

  2. Ahhhaha! I love this! The worst is he is a "she" and she's my attention grabbing one. She has to have all the attention all day long! Poor baby! I feel guilty all the time about it!

  3. looks like your boobs are grown'n too! dang! haha! I am sooo there too! :) I need to post pictures but I just dont want to scare anybody! haha!