Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting anxious!!!!

Top ten things I am looking forward to when Willa comes:

1. Having my body back to myself. It is so nice to feel her move around but come on people it is like having this house guest that just won't leave!

2. Getting back to normal emotionally...I know it won't happen right away, but I am always going from happy to sad. It is tiring!

3. Sleeping on my back and not being so uncomfortable all night long!

4. Regular bathroom habits.

5. NOT being on bed rest!

6. SUSHI!!!! Not the cooked stuff like I have had a few times during pregnancy but the real deal raw fish! I am going to have the biggest plate full ever when I can!

7. A glass of wine here and there!

8. Dancing! I miss it so much!

9. Working out.


10. Being able to meet my precious baby girl!

I leave you with a peak at Willa's room. It is not completely done (some more stuff will be done to the walls) but it is mostly done : )



  1. what a cute nursery! where did you get your chair? does it rock? we are looking for one that's not ridiculously expensive!!

  2. cute room Liz!!! Its really pulled together!!!!! cant wait to meet Willa!!!

  3. Love the colors, chandelier, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the dresser. Where in the world is it from?

  4. Ashley... I found it in this UGLY light tan color on craigslist and stripped it and painted it! I used the original hardware and spray painted them... I also put a pearl glaze on top to give it a little sparkle! I will post some before afters soon!