Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kevin and Willa

Here are some pics of Willa and her daddy taken by my AMAZING aunt! These are some of her newborn pics... I will post more in the next coming weeks.

Cute little booty!

I love this one! So sweet. He.loves.her.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Just want to find out who uses the wubbanub with your babies? I want to get one for Willa and need to know if this is a skip it or a must buy item?? She keeps her paci in pretty good, but I love this cute little animal attached... if I got her one I think I would go with the pink pony. She has to have everything pink and girly : ) Here it is:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Biggest Loser

I just got home from the doctor and I have been cleared for ALL activity! Time to get this baby weight off! I am so ready to fit into my clothes again... Every Wednesday I will post about my weekly progress and I hope that YOU ( my readers ) will keep me accountable! I have officially cut out Coke and Fast Food and will be fixing all of my meals at home. Kevin and I are both ready to get back to our pre-baby healthy lifestyle. I am not going to get too low in my calories b/c I am breastfeeding, but the healthy eating and working out should do the trick for now! I would like to lose 18 lbs by this summer and then the last 7-10 by November. I am giving myself a year to get this off. That is how long it took me to lose my weight the first time. Now if it comes off faster than that, I will be happy. Heres to my new journey! We will see how easy it is to fit my workouts in AND be a mom AND work AND cook AND clean, BUT! I am ready for the challenge.

I also start work back up this week. 14 office hours and 3 teaching hours. YIKES! Luckily Willa gets to go with me : )

Monday, January 10, 2011

5 weeks

Our little Willa bean is 5 weeks old today and we braved the snow to make it to her 1month Dr. apt!! Before she was not on the charts for weight at 5lbs and now she is 7lbs 4oz and in the 5th percentile! She was 10 percentile for height at 18 1/4inches but that went down to 3 percentile today at 19 1/2inches (she is now the size of the average newborn!!). She in in the 11th percentile with her head circumferential at 14inches! Willa will not be getting any shots until she is at least 6 months old and we will not be giving her any and every shot either. I have done my research and for me and my family this is the best thing for us. I am excited that I have found a doctor that supports these decisions and also helps me understand what is important for us based on our lifestyle! She is a holistic pediatrician and we are so excited she is overseeing our little baby! She did say that the skin is a window into her health and that Willa's skin is perfect which means she is a supper healthy baby!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 1 month Willa!

I am so excited for my little girl that is growing so fast! She has her 1 month Dr. appointment on Monday so I will post her stats then but she is progressing so great! She lifts her head and turns it from side to side during tummy time, she is starting to smile (a little) with her eyes open, she is eating great, and she sleeps pretty good too. I will start her in her crib on Monday after her 1 month apt. Kevin and I still stare at her all day everyday and we feel so blessed to have such a good baby (so far)!! Thank you Lord for your many blessings on our family!