Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thank you!

I am so glad to here that my story has touched many people out there! I would be crazy to think that my success was all from my own strength....IT WAS NOT! There were MANY people that have inspired me and helped me along the way. I would like to take a few mins to thank these people! Of course all of my friends and family inspire me on a daily basis, but these people helped me get to my goals!

Kevin - My husband, provider, leader and incredible workout partner! He works out with me all the time and we are able to push and motivate each other to get through some GRUELING tough workouts! He is constantly not letting me get away with anything! Thank you for your encouragement and support throughout all of this! I love you!

Mom and Sister - These to ladies are two of the most incredible Godly women I know! They encouraged me in my training yes but also in the word... what more could you ask for?!?! My life would not be the same without you two!

Chelsea Duchene - She is the personal trainer I consulted for the two week diet plan! This is one of my sisters dearest friends and is not only one HOT mama she has one heck of a testimony too! Thank you thank you thank you!

Kelsey Toney Macke - You inspired me to get off my lazy bones and get out there! Your story is what kept me motivated! Thank you girl!

Ashley Ramirez - You are always leading such a healthy lifestyle and I just admired that! With all your healthy cooking and cross fit all the time... Thank you for your great example to all women!

Emily Scoville/Dana Stewart and all my DVD girls - Thanks being such great examples of healthy living! Dana thanks for kicking my butt twice a week! I never thought I would ever again do 100 man push ups : ) Emi- your an angel to even let me be apart of this amazing team! Thank you and love you!

Oh and last but not least! p90x - I LOVE YOU!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Battle of the "bulge"

Sorry I have not been updating this since...WOW! January! I have had SO much to say but just have not been either motivated or even had the time. This may be a long one but if I can inspire just one person with this story of restoration then I will be ecstatic! Most of you all know I am no writer and terrible with grammar. If my run on sentences and misplace commas bother you than MOVE ON! Here it goes:

This was me Last February at a grand weight of 152 lbs on my short 5 foot frame.

Check out those arms! WOW!

I was happy with so many things in my life but realized I was a slave to food! Addicted to carbs, fast food and most importantly over eating! I asked myself "how did you get here?". Always being the epitome of health and active living. in 2005 right after I met Kevin I had (what I thought for 5 years was) a career ending injury. Four bulging/herniated disk ranging from my upper back through my lower back...OUCH! Unless you have had this you could not even BELIEVE the pain I went through! The slightest move would send me into (literally) paralyzing spasms! For years I honestly could not do an physical activity or even simple things like vacuuming. During this time my eating habits became pretty much all fast food! I could eat high calorie foods my whole life because of my amazingly active lifestyle so once I became sedentary I did not think "Maybe you should cut down on these late night trips to Whatarburger and French fries galore!" Slowly but surly I was growing out of all my cute little size S clothes and size 4/5 pants! I just thought "This is not fair! Why did God let this happen to me?"...

I started being more pro active about my back issues going to see many chiropractors, acupuncturist, massage therapist, physical name it I did it! I wanted to stop living with such pain, but my goals were not for health and wellness. I was still eating like everything my skinny minny husband was eating. I thought "Unfair!! He can eat anything he wants and still look great!" but I failed to take a look at myself with honest glasses. Elizabeth, Why are you gaining weight? This is not just about your back. I would just push those stupid thoughts into my fat jeans and move on.

About year three things were getting much worse I was well on my way to the 140's and my husband was clearly saddened by my condition. Without getting into much it definitely strained our relationship. This made me upset at him that he would be so vain! "UGH! My husband has no right to criticize me.. this is not my fault! I have a bad back!". Choke... was this still my excuse? After 3 years of this injury you would think I could find something that worked for me right? Was it that I just wasn't trying the right things? I did many times try Jenny Craig, and "eating healthy" (salad is healthy right? I'll take that giant Cobb salad worth i'm sure 1500 calories) and to my dismay nothing was working or I would quite by Tuesday.

Year four...WOW! I was embarrassed to be seen by people at this point! Cellulite everywhere even on my ARMS! YUCK! Tears came out ALL THE TIME! It was this year that I really started to think that this could be GASP a SIN issue! Now I know some of my readers don't believe in these things but I do... so read at your own risk! I started to realize that my back issue was my crutch. I would lean on it to make people and myself think "Oh poor thing she can't help it." Visiting my sister in California I was sitting on her bed, that happened to break when I was on it, balling my eyes out! I could not believe I was up to 152 lbs! She comforted me and we talked forever about my weight gain. Trying to figure out how to get it off and why it was there in the first place. When I got home I was talking with someone close to me going through some reoccurring sin and I told them they just need to cut it out and to rely and depend on God to make it happen. Cough cough.... rewind! I can not expect someone to flee from their sin troubles if I did not do it myself! Literally right then and there I gave my food addiction up to God! He had been calling me to do this for 4 years! I just ignored it every time! Things were never perfect but God helped me through it!

First order of business was to give up fast food! That right there I dropped about five lbs in just about 2 1/2 months. At this point I said to myself I am going to do this! I practice my self control and look what it did for me! In May of last year I signed up for weight watchers and competed in my first 5k in about 5 years! I was seeing a new chiropractor and my back was feeling MUCH better. I think God honestly just wanted to teach me to trust Him! It was hard but I decided to start working out again. Eating well and working out got me down to 134 by October! At this point my back was feeling about 90%. I decided to keep up my healthy eating but to just maintain my weight so I could enjoy myself through the holidays! In November I started running much more and entered many 5k races. January of this year I did a 10k race and my longest distance in my training was an 8 mile run! I got down to 130lbs through Jan but after visiting my sister I gained 4 lbs back.

Mid Feb I found out that my close friend and former captain of my first year of Desperados was announced the new Director for AFL Dallas Vigilantes Dancers and I thought "Liz, it's your time". I had 2 weeks to lose 20 more lbs!!!! HELLO! Is that even possible? I consulted an informed friend about how to do it and she gave me a diet plan for those two weeks. I stuck with it and worked out twice a day and by auditions I had lost 14lbs! IN TWO WEEKS! I made the team as well as being named a captain! I have been able to keep it off and now I am almost to my pre weight-gain weight. Just 3 lbs away from a total of 40 lbs lost!!!!! That is CRAZY! When I complain that Kevin gets to eat the "fun" food he says, "Your eating for your job not for fun!". It really helps to think of it that way at this point! My back is holding up. Some days better than others but it is no longer going to stop me from doing the things I love! The best part about the weight loss is I get to get all new clothes! The worst part I have to BUY all new clothes!

If anyone wants to talk to me about there struggle with food, working out, or healthy living...I'm here! Hope my story has inspired you! Thanks for making it to the end! HA! Here is one last now!

This is from last Saturday: