Friday, October 8, 2010

28 & 2 days

Here we are... just had my 28 week checkup and my ultrasound to find out how my placenta previa is coming along. Good news is Willa is doing great and since I personally know my sonogram tech she snuck some great 3d images in too!!! One thing I have been praying for is that she has her Daddy's lips.... SHE DOES! They are big and oh so cute! She kept opening her mouth and we saw her yawn too! She is perfect! The down side is I have complete previa and am scheduled for a c-section on December 21st... which happens to be Kevin's BIRTHDAY! They will share such a special day together : ). This also means I will be home from the hospital by Christmas!! While I am sad I won't be experiencing real labor it is nice that this is all planned out ahead of time! I just ask for your prayers as previa can become dangerous for myself and Willa. It can cause major bleeding and in some cases can be fatal (not to scare anyone)! I just need to start taking it easy and not over do it for the next 10 weeks. Just send out those prayers! Here are some snapshots of our little beauty queen:

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