Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's a GIRL!

Well, fully expecting this morning to see boy you can imagine our surprise when we hear..."It's a girl!". It was such a fun experience because I have known the ultra sound tech since I was a little girl! She is my best friend Amber's Aunt. She took her time with us and it just made the whole thing so exciting! Thank you Robin!
Here is a pic from the sono:
She has her hands up like she is Rockin' out!

On to the name! We chose her first name long ago. We both really loved the name and did not agree on one together ever since! So...we are excited about it! Her middle name is after Kevin's mom who passed when he was a senior in high school. We know that she would be so excited about a little girl and wanted to honor her! It also happens to my best friends name too ; ).

Pebble's name will be:

Willa Christina Rock

Of course after my appointment Kevin and I were naturally ECSTATIC! I called my family and surprised my mom at work! We ended up going to the mall to pick out some cute things for baby Willa. My Mom got her the CUTEST bikini for next summer along with some diva shades! We also got some Trumpet socks from Neiman's and the cutest lil' fake Uggs from Target! This is going to DRAIN my pocket book, but I am crazy excited to have a little dancer!

I will post about nursery ideas tomorrow...momma is wiped out from this fun day!

Here are some pics of what I got:


  1. Super cute stuff that you got today!! I am soo excited for you =)

    I of course already knew her name from talking to you this morning, but it is very cute and original. It reminds me of the singer...and I know you had this name in mind ever since we all went to RA last summer because I remember you talking about it back then.

  2. So precious!!!! I need to come over tomorrow...I have a sussy for miss Willa :) Love you Lizzie and I'm so excited for you and Kevo!!

  3. Ah so great! Love the name, so unique. The clothes are super cute! :)

  4. love it! Im so jealous you have a name!!! We dont:( haha so typical! Our baby girls can be best buddies!!!

  5. SOOOOO excited for you guys! And I love the name! Congratulations!