Wednesday, December 22, 2010

not sure anyone even reads my post's so...

My friend Katie just posted about postpartum issues and I just wanted to second her experience! I too had the baby blues! People don't talk about this stuff and it really should be mentioned. After Willa was born I think I was just on this high for a few days b/c things were just perfect! About a week after we were home from the hospital I started to feel myself pulling away from my mommy roll... not physically (ie - diaper changes, feedings, holding her etc...) but emotionally. I felt withdrawn and like the worst mother in the world! I didn't understand why I didn't want to hold her every second of ever day? I had many tear sessions alone and with my husband (he was such a great encouragement!). I think the worst day was when I was getting off my pain meds, Kevin went back to work, and of course I still had these postpartum hormones. It felt like I was never going to feel happy again like I was just trapped in these feelings that I was having. I have slowly come out of these sad withdrawn emotions and started to feel much better. Occasionally I get anxiety when I nurse her but if that is all that happens I can handle it! I just wanted to share my story to help girls know that you will most likely go through a few days of these un-fun emotions but let it out, cry if you need to, talk to other mothers and you will soon feel better! If you don't please talk to your doctor!

On another note, Willa is perfect! She is my little princess! I thank God daily for giving us such a special gift.


  1. I read! I'm not a mom yet except to a Dog so I don't have any great words of wisdom but I think you are doing great and all of that i normal. Enjoy Christmas with your beautiful girl.

  2. Oh girl... you are not alone!! I had them too this time around and cried at just about everything and I really believe its because we put so much anticipation on the day the're going to be born that when we get home and the dust settles it gets kind of depressing because you dont really feel "with it" anymore... like the whole world has just moved on without you! I had to stop breastfeeding Haley after just 6 weeks because of how waked out my hormones got every time I fed her and then I felt much better but this time around im trying to fight through it because I know how good it is for the baby but its really tough! It just takes time to get back in the groove of things! We def need to hang out though...come over after the holidays for some coffe and girl talk and we'll take pictures of the girls together!!:)

  3. i read, i read! and i'm glad you opened up about your experience! for some reason moms just act like it's all sweet blankets and cute pacifiers when you come home from the hospital but it's a RUDE awakening when you're not ready for this stuff!!! i'm glad you're coming out of it, i was SO stressed out about bfeeding and doing everything right that i ended up having to go to pumping every other feeding and eventually am now just pumping twice a day. i'm trying to make it to his 2 month shots and then, depending on how it's going, might stop. you're doing great honey, willa is GORGEOUS!

  4. Hi love!! Thank you for posting this-- it's something that I've thought and been slightly concerned about, but no one (like you said) ever really talks about!! Glad to know that there'll be someone to lean on if the situation arises.

    Willa is GORGEOUS!! (But I'll bet you already knew that!!) Would love to meet her, but will stay away until I'm completely done with this congestion that I've been dealing with.

    Love! K