Sunday, August 29, 2010

22 and 1/2 weeks update

Well, I HAVE MADE IT! I am finally out of the woods I think with this getting sick every day thing. I have much more energy and have started into the "nesting" phase for sure. I have been cleaning every day and am getting the baby room all planned and even painted it last week! Well I didn't paint... Kevin and my dad did, but I went up every so often to check on them : ). I have purchased the material to make the baby bedding and have also bought a crib, rug, and dresser (i still have to repaint this). I am really excited about the quilt my mother-in-law is making for Willa! She makes the most gorgeous quilts and CAN NOT wait to see the finished product!

Willa moves constantly! Kevin has been able to feel her for about 3 weeks now but she has just started to become visible to both of us! Our new thing is to WATCH her move around... it is the coolest thing ever I think! I am getting bigger every day. As of a little over a week ago people have been telling me I "look" pregnant now... I just don't know how I feel about that scale! I don't want to gain more than I should but I just may be on this track. I do get some contractions now and then (braxton hicks...fake ones) but they don't hurt that bad. Right now I am just waiting for my next sono in about four more weeks!!

I am sure most of you know God has decided to give me a little taste of how mother hood will be. How it feels for someone to be completely dependant on you!! Kevin ruptured his Achilles and had surgery on Friday and I have had to completely take care of him! It has been pretty good but I will be happy in a month when he can get around without crutches!

Think that's it!

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