Monday, January 11, 2010

Running thus far

My training for my half marathon is half way done! I ran 7 miles for the first time yesterday and I am giddy like a school girl! It was refreshing and an overall AMAZING experience! I was nervous at first b/c I have missed some runs do to the weather and my leg had been hurt (still does a bit but I am working through this). I will be going to California at the end of the month and realized I will have to run 9 miles there! WOW! Literally my sisters neighborhood is ALL up hill! It is CRAZY! So we'll see how it goes! How is everyone else's training going this far I really want to here your stories! Got to get going Kevin just got home and we are going for a short run!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Collars

I made many collars this weekend! Here they are!
They range in sizes from S/M/L. I made most of them for my dogs but the
two middle ones are for my mom's dogs! I am thinking about making more so I will take orders if interested! The are called Martingale collars. They were created for dogs who's heads are similar sizes to their necks. The center ring pulls up and it clinches the collar tighter so that it won't come over their heads. Kinda like a choke collar but it does not hurt them.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

On Monday around 3:30 I looked on good old craigslist for Italian Greyhounds and 2 hours later we were leaving our home to pick her up! I have been BEGGING Kevin for over a year to get another dog (specifically an IG). I have looked and looked for the right one everyday! They have two IG adoption leagues and we had found one we liked but they are about $300 then you have to buy a crate and pillow and food.... We just did not have then money! I went on CL Monday and there she was...$100, potty trained, 4 years old, and female. Everything I wanted! I told Kevin and sent him some pics. When he got home from work he said "Well, lets go get her". So we drove an hour an 1/2 each way and took her home! She is the sweetest little girl and EVERYTHING I wanted! She is such a cuddle bug! So of course she did not yet have a collar so I HAD to make her some! Here are some pics of her and the collars I made her: