Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wishful Wednesday

'I wish' ...I was six years old and going trick or treating, and my costume would be:

Wounder Woman!!! I used to have this costume when I was like 5 no joke! LOVED IT! I would dress in it every day and my bro would pick me up and fly me around. I have pics I need to find them : )

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Touch

Well... I have arrived! Into this century that is : ) I , for the first time, actually bought a cell phone. I am so that person that has REFUSED to buy a phone. I was always like...I don't care if it has a camera, I don't care if it is small, I don't care if it comes in PINK! COME ON! I just need to talk and it to be FREE! Through a series of events or eh ehmm....toilets. My phone did not work right. I would type a text on the "regular keys" not the "qwerty keys" and anytime I would hit a key on the left side of the pad it would send my unfinished text without my consent. This quickly became the bane of my existence. I ended up having to call everyone and explain why I just said "ho"..send..."how are y"....send. AHHHHH. Dial them up. "That was supposed to say How are you doing"! well after a torturous year and 1/2 of this I am in full text capability now. The other reason for the new phone is because my ipod and Kevin's ipod have both decided to crap out on us. I HAVE to have a music devise for work. Without further adieu here it is:

It is basically the same thing as the iphone just made by google not apple. I am OBSESSED right now! I can't stop playing with it!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Can I just say how much I enjoy the blogger world?? I mean everyone is SOOOO encouraging and has the nicest things to say to each other. It is the healthiest Internet environment I can think of! Need someone to brighten your day? Read a blog... or go and re-read the sweet things people say about your own! I just love the network of empowerment and encouraging going on here! Keep it up girls! I love you all!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Three years going on 80

As I said in my last post it was our anniversary yesterday! The whole day was planned out. We woke up and I cooked french toast, eggs, and (supposed to be mimosas turned into just) orange juice. (we were not feeling the champagne at 8:30am). We then went to an 11am showing of Paranormal Activity... SO SCARY! After that we ran to our cars in the rain and headed to our "couples message" that I surprised Kevin with. He had never had a message before and I think I made a fan out of him for sure. When we finished that at around 2:30 we were starving so we went to Corner Bakery for lunch...YUMMY! With our tummy's nice and full we headed to Strikes bowling ally where Kevin kicked my booty in 3 out of 4 games. I was ready to head home for a little R&R at this point so we popped in the old wedding video. I was really disappointed to see that it kept skipping! UGH! The whole DVD skipped! So we had to work on it for a while and ended up watching what we could of it on the computer. By this time we were ready for dinner. Kevin and I jumped back into the car and headed to Saltgrass Steakhouse. It was so good and I just sat there not wanting the day to be over. Looking into his eyes thinking about how much I love him. AMAZING! Of course we topped the day off with cuddling up on the couch and watching our DVRed shows. Perfections!

Thankful Thursday

This was from our wedding reception
Yesterday was me and Kevin's THREE year anniversary! I have to say I did not think it was possible to love him even more than the day we were married....I DO! I DO! It is crazy to me that people can not see God in the blessings of our lives! Even when things are so bad for me Kevin is always there to remind me what is important. He is constantly showing me how to be a better christian. Watching him grown in the Lord is AMAZING to me. To think back that he did not even have a personal relationship with God when we met is such a testimony. I can always remember the day he excepted Jesus into his heart. 04-05-06...pretty easy huh? I don't even know my own spiritual birthday! We were engaged about four months later and married just 3 months after that! I knew he was the one for me! They always say first year is the hardest. We were good for about 7 months then for the next 7 months was a little rocky (we were buying a house). I don't really talk about this much, but after a year of marriage we started trying for kids thinking.... we have a house....extra rooms to fill... but no baby : ( six months later no baby and six months later no baby. Then... Kevin lost his job. I thought, thank you LORD! You no WAY better than I do on when we need a family. How could we have supported a family when we had no income for 3 1/2 months! Finlay in Feb of 09 Kevin found a job! Better than what he had before! Financially we are almost to the place that we can start saving again and get back to the place we were pre job loss. Having a baby is still important to me but I have learned this is something I can not control and that God's timing is perfect! He has shown His faithfulness to me time and time again. Kevin, Family, House and Friends. I am thankful to God for all of these things.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Free business cards!

In this economy we are al trying to find creative ways to make some money...right? Well these sites are here to help! They are offering 100's of different styles of FREE business cards! Just put your info in and they do the rest. I will be getting some for my makeup artistry and maybe some more for my dance teaching! Do you have a company you are trying to start but don't have a lot of money to invest in it? This is a great idea for you! Here is the website! and another!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Face - Lift

I have decided I want to blog more soooo.... I gave my blog a face lift! I am no longer staying with the origin of this blog. I will at times post about my "master bedroom" BUT I will be saying other things as well. I am still going to try to keep with my restoration theme. As I was contemplating the big "Change" I realized....HEY! I am ALWAYS in need of some restoring. Inside and out! I found this (1 Peter 5:10) verse and it looks like God does some restoring on all of us all the time!

Today I have been thinking about what is holding me back from restoration. I so often chose to rely on myself and not on God. This tends to where me down and also causes me to be even more complacent. My goal today is to give all my worries and fears over to Him!

What is keep you from restoration?

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Please send some prayers out to Amber and Josiah this weekend as he deploys over seas for another 4 months! This pic was taken 1 year and 2 months ago. Since then Josiah has already been gone on a 4 month deployment! I can't even imagine how hard this is to go through for them. Josiah is a hero to all of us! We are so proud of you Jo! I am also so proud of Amber. Such a patient wife staying in Abilene making sure all the bills are payed and the home is in order. For most not that hard of a task but she has only lived there a short time and is still trying to make good friends. Yes...I am only a phone call away but it just isn't the same I am sure. I just want you to know that I love you! You are such a good and loyal friend! Our prayers are with the both of you as you go through this journey together!