Monday, December 13, 2010

Willa's Fan Club

Willa had MANY visitors in the hospital! We tried to get pictures of her with everyone that came but there were some we missed. Here she is with all her adoring fans!

Papi (Kevin's Dad) with Willa
Mimi (my grandmother) I just love she could be here for this!
My Childhood best friend came from Oklahoma to see her! Anna did not come to the hospital but I felt it necessary to include her in this post!
Amy Jo (one of my closest friends and hairstylist... yes, I credit her for making me look good)
Emily (another very close friend... and the most talented dance director ever!)
Cathy (my mom's best friend but I call her my "other mother" b/c I have known her since I was a small child and she has always been like another mother figure to me)
Jay (my best friend Amber's dad... she just moved to Florida and couldn't make it, but her dad was so sweet to come and hold her in Amber's place)
My sweet sweet friend Bre (we danced together in the past and is one of my closest friends!)
My mom and Aunt (Dad's sister - she is AMAZING and has also taken some
cute pics of my lil Willa)
Lacey (Sweet friend who I love dearly... know her for years!)
Unlce Travis (my brother)
I am realizing there are no pics of Willa and my best friend Zip!! This is HORRIBLE! Not sure how that happened but Zip, we need to remedy this ASAP!

Thank you to everyone that has shared this special week with Kevin and I! We are so blessed to have such great friends and family.

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