Saturday, April 23, 2011

Willa's first boyfriend

Saber and Willa sitting in a tree...and you know how the rest goes.

I think Willa has a little boyfriend! They are so cute. She stairs at him he stairs at her. Last night they even showed up for church in coordinating outfits! Saber is in our home group (it is actually at his house) and his mommy Jayme is such a sweet friend! The babies were sitting next to each other last night and Kevin looked over to see them secretly holding hands... he asked Saber what his intension's were with his daughter, but he still can't talk so I guess that conversation has been left for another day. We did get some pictures of the two "LoveBirds"!! Here they are! Willa was really tired so she isn't her usual smiling self.

Saber, Jayme, Liz and Willa
Where do we look?
Willa still doesn't get it, bit Saber looks cute!
Love this one...
Saber is up to something here:
Yup, he did it...he messed with her bow! You don't mess with a girls bow!
It's all over now. They are adorable!