Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our Four Month Old

Well, we have made it FOUR MONTHS! Actually it was four months on the 6th but close enough right? Better late than never. I have just been too busy to get on here and make the post! Her four months check up went great! She went from 2 % up to 11% in height at 23.5 inches! Her weight went from the 7% to 20% at 11 1/2 lbs. Her head I think went from 14% to 22%. The doctor said she is short but looks very healthy and is staying nicely on the curve! Willa has been rolling from tummy to back since she was 3 months but is now (this week) rolling from back to tummy! I guess we need to child proof the house soon! She is just the happiest baby ever! She loves her toys these days and lights up when her daddy says ANYTHING unless it's the bible and that just puts her to sleep (guess we need to work on that LOL). She is a gabber for sure! She talks all the time and when she gets really excited her whole body flaps like a penguin : ). Her sleeping is HORRIBLE! From day one she was THE BEST SLEEPER and 2 1/2 months she was sleeping 8 hours! Well, now she is waking up every 3 hours to eat again! UGH! This has been going on for almost a month now. We are working on it and I pray for my sanity that something changes soon! We are not starting her on solids until 6 months per doctors request. She is still a little small and isn't really interested yet anyway. She L O V E S her some TV although I try not to let her watch it she still arches her back all the way to sneak a peek! Not going to lie I did set the swing in front of it the other day so I could get some house work done and it worked like a charm! We really are so blessed to have such a happy and easy going baby. I am pretty sure this means our next one won't be so "happy and easy going"... Here are some pics (already facebooked them but oh well) :


  1. I love her eyes with that hat on :] They really stand out!!!

  2. You can really tell how happy she is in these adorable! BTW, she 9% more in height then Ruby, if that gives you any hope! ;)