Saturday, April 23, 2011


Being a mom has been quite the challenge for me. I knew I would be a great mom because I had so much "experience" with babies and kids. Well, that is NOT what being a MOM is. Being a MOM is a whole bag off stresses, decisions, worries, backaches, sleeplessness, and never having any more "me" time. I have had the hardest week. I have struggled ALL week with these things. My life is not my own. I know that is what being a mom is but all these feelings and emotions that go along with that knowledge is what has been so hard. Last night we had a Good Friday worship service at church. Jeff and Jordan Johnson led us in precious worship and Afshin Ziafat our, former Islam now Christian, Pastor spoke about why Christ who led a sinless life died for our sins. I hear the Gospel all the time, but sometimes it just hits you... Last night it hit me pretty hard. This is NOT my home and we are here on earth only a short amount of time. All these things I "stress" about are ridiculous! I am so blessed to live the life I do and my ONLY job as a mom is to raise Willa to know and follow the Lord. It doesn't matter how well she sleeps or how much she cries or if she is "sensitive". We are hear to bring God glory and to tell others about what His son Jesus did for us so that our sin is made clean and that we can live eternally with Him. All of this would be nothing without the most important piece of information! Jesus defeated the grave and rose from the dead! Amazing! I follow my God because he is ALIVE! HE ROSE! I am blessed!

Here is one of the songs we did last night... Love this old Hymn and Jeff and Jordan do a great version! Here is Jeff singing "Old Rugged Cross" :

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