Monday, April 18, 2011

First word...

Tonight after Willa's bath I had her on the changing table drying her off to put on her pj's (Kevin usually does this but he is gone tonight at the Ranger game) and she was"talking a lot". I started saying ma ma to her and I even leaned over to put my mouth up to her's to help her move her lips to make the mmmm sound. I kept saying "ma ma" over and over. I stepped away from her and she grind really big and clear as day she said..." DA DA!" . Not what I was trying for but she said her first word so I was pretty excited! I of course called Kevin and he was so bummed he wasn't there for it. Funny thing is she has been "talking" so much lately and I told Kevin just yesterday that I bet she says a word soon and she did! Can't believe she is becoming such a big girl so fast! WOW! Who knows if she will say it again, but she did say it!

1 comment:

  1. that was both my girls first word!!! We are still trying to get Sammy to say MA MA :]