Monday, June 6, 2011

A letter to Willa

Happy 6 months my sweet Willa. You are growing up so fast. You are way more than I had ever expected. Me and your daddy's lives have changed so much in the last 6 months but for the better! Our little bean, your doing so many things these days. My favorite is that last week your started saying "Ma Ma" not sure if you know yet that I'm mama, but you say it all the time!! "Tummy time" is no longer spent on your tummy. You are rolling everywhere and you are even starting to bring your knees up under you b/c you want to crawl so badly. If you see your toy across the room you scream until you figure out how to get to it. Mostly your efforts scoot you backward though. I feel so bad for you but I try not to intervene because I want you to learn on your own. You can now sit up by yourself to play with your toys (although you do still tip over after a while). Your favorite toys are the exersaucer, your Janet giraffe, and baby keys. I did just buy you some new toys for your 1/2 birthday that are also growing on you. Your best time of day is the mornings when you smile and talk to me and daddy. I am not sure who you get being a morning person from because both daddy and I are NOT so chipper in the mornings. You take 3 short naps a day. The naps last anywhere from 20 mins to an hour...but NO LONGER than that. You have had some sleep issues at night but I hope to clear these up when I stop working in a few weeks. You just like to eat all night long. Maybe when you start solids you will change this habit. You are quite the social butterfly. You pretty much love everyone and LOVE when they give you attention. You are still wearing some 0-3 month clothes but are mostly wearing 3-6 months. Don't think you will be in 6-9 for a while. You are in a size 2 diaper. You can FINALLY fit into size 1 shoes! Some of them are still a little big but we make it work. I think you have your mommy's short toes...I am sorry! You are kind of a little chunk these days too (at least for you). We went to your 6 month well visit and you are 24 inches long - 5th%, 13.5 lbs - 8th%, and your head is 16.5 inches around - 35th%!! Your still our little peanut! Your new favorite activity is the pool! You swim with me and daddy then pass out on the way back home. Splashing the water is the most entertaining thing for you! It is just so cute. My heart is so warmed when you give me little love pats and a cherish the time when you are still and cuddly. Gone are the days of you sleeping in my arms. You are just so active. I am most excited because this Sunday is your baby dedication where your daddy and I get to stand in front of the church and publicly make a commitment that we will raise you in accordance to God's word and teach you that He sent His son to die for your sins (you are very much a little sinner and I can already tell you need a savior!). I also want to teach you how to serve God and others because you love Him! Sweet child... it will be hard to understand why mommy and daddy don't give you everything you want. I believe that the things that are valuable are not here on earth but are in heaven. My prayer is that you gain the kingdom not the earth and that you will love God with all your heart, soul, and mind.

We love you Willa!

- Mommy and Daddy

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  1. such a beautiful little lady!! I love you Willa Bean!!