Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Run Lizzie Run!

Well, I am doing it! I am training for a half marathon! I am extremely freaked out and so sure I will fail! But I am going to give it my all! When I run I lose focus really easily and then I want to stop! I need to learn the mind games to keep me going! My mom is on this kick where she wants to do a 5k once or twice a month. She has already done one this month and we plan on signing up for one on the 28th, two in December, and a 10k in January. The half we are wanting to do is called Zooma. It is a race geared towards women's health and it is at the Hyatt Spa Hotel in Austin. After the race they have wine tastings, mini spa treatments, food, and shopping! Just sounds like a fun time : ) I would love to have good times for the 5k's but lets be honest I have some short legs and these baby's turn over really fast but don't get me very far LOL! My pedometer reads 2.6 miles and my google map reads 2.1 miles : ( This means I am working .5 miles harder then my husband that is 6 ft. and can finish a 5k at around an 8 min mile. My best time right now is 11.20 min miles and I feel like I am sprinting! UGH! Oh well this is why I just want to prove to myself I can do it. If I ever do a half again I will go for time.



  1. GOOD LUCK! Mine's on Dec. 13th and I'm at running 10 miles now! We started training in Sept. and I could barely run 2 miles when I started. You will be amazed at what your body can do, but it's SO MENTAL! TELL yourself you can and you WILL be able to do it! Believe me the first time I had to run 10, 2 miles in I was thinking "My legs already hurt, I can't do this!" but low and behold, I finished 10 miles, 3 45 second stops for air and 2 hours later. My time is 12 min miles, I am all about just finishing, not the speed I go at. YOU CAN DO IT CHICA!!! Good luck!

  2. You Crazy!!! I love you, but you crazy :)

    Good luck Lizzie, you can do it!!! I'm so proud of my Bestie!

  3. You can totally do it!! It's all about making it a part of your day and you will build endurance with time. You will surprise yourself as to how far you can go without stopping. It's all in my head for me. I can run a lot farther on a treadmill than I can outside.

  4. I just decided to train for a half too! What a coincidence! Please keep blogging about your training!
    What training plan are you doing?

  5. Thank you ALL! I know you will be there for me EVERY step of the way!