Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween or not?

This year the thought of Halloween stressed me out! I was planning on going to Oklahoma to visit my good friend Anna and plans ended up changing last minute and did not want to rush costumes together for me and K last min. We decided to hang back and pass out candy to the neighborhood kids. They were all soo cute decked out in there costumes! Aside from passing out candy I did my friend Haley's hair and makeup for the party I would have gone to. Amber also came over and hung out! She helped with passing out candy when my hands were full of makeup brushes and hair! LOL! Here is and iPhone pic of Haley (not great quality)

After Haley left me, Amber, and KRock went to OTB for some much need food and drink! I was sad that Amber left when we got home but happy to curl up and watch Mad Men!

Also here are some pics of my niece, Ruby Layne's, costume that my crazy talented sister made!

This one she has her little Cabage Patch shoes on!

I just love her to pieces!


  1. Ally is insane!!!! Sounds like ya'l had a fun night!!!

  2. OMG this Cabbage Patch Kid idea is the BEST costume I have EVER seen!!! Where in the heck did she find this? I REALLY wanna do this when I have kids, ahhhh....too adorable for words!!

  3. She made it all from scratch! The box, the wig...EVERYTHING! She found it in her head and made it come to life LOL!

  4. That is so cute!! She is so talented.

  5. just stumbled on your blog from 20sb... this is one of the most creative baby costumes i have seen in my life... usually people just go with the pumpkin costume... and i certainly dont hate the cowboys cheerleader either...

  6. That Cabbage Patch Doll costume has GOT to be the cutest Halloween costume I have ever seen.