Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brag Sesh!

My little Ruby is a Rock star! Her cousin is a model and her agent saw Ruby's pics (the ones I posted a few weeks ago) and signed her that day! This was late last week. Ally got a call like Friday telling her to be in LA for a Baby Gap audition. (this was her first audition EVER) After waiting a few hours and watching hundreds of babies go in and out Ally got word they wanted her back the next day for a "call back". She showed up today and they sent her away and said we will call you in a couple hours. They called her and said bring her back now we are starting the fittings!!!!! She got it! From what I hear this is for their whole campaign except TV. Advertising, store use, and catalog!

Sooo proud of you lil peanut!


  1. She is just too cute for words. I bet your sister is soo proud of her! Please post the ads as soon as you see them or get them. I cannot wait to see that little beauty in Gap ads =)

  2. How cool is that!! She is so precious!!! Yay!! I bet Ally is loving this!