Monday, October 19, 2009

Face - Lift

I have decided I want to blog more soooo.... I gave my blog a face lift! I am no longer staying with the origin of this blog. I will at times post about my "master bedroom" BUT I will be saying other things as well. I am still going to try to keep with my restoration theme. As I was contemplating the big "Change" I realized....HEY! I am ALWAYS in need of some restoring. Inside and out! I found this (1 Peter 5:10) verse and it looks like God does some restoring on all of us all the time!

Today I have been thinking about what is holding me back from restoration. I so often chose to rely on myself and not on God. This tends to where me down and also causes me to be even more complacent. My goal today is to give all my worries and fears over to Him!

What is keep you from restoration?


  1. YAYAY glad you have you back lady! The header looks great! MISS YOU!

  2. I like the new look! That's a cute pic of you and the hubby =)

  3. What keeps me from restoration huh?? I'd say me being selfish of my own time, which when you think about it isn't even MY time, it's the time the Lord has blessed me with! I have been thinking on this a lot lately :) I love you Liz and I love the new Blog look!!! Looking forward to read what you have to say :)