Thursday, June 16, 2011

Maddy Moo's 5th Birthday!

On Monday we were picked up in front of our house in a LIMO! My parents got a limo for
Maddox's 5th birthday because his dream was to ride in one. Willa was very excited and enjoyed every minute of it! The limo door opened and there was the family... my parents, my sister and Darren (her husband) and my niece Ruby and nephew Maddox. Maddox of course donned a birthday hat and was grinning from ear to ear!
We then headed to BJ's for some yummy dinner where uncle T (my brother) met us there. Here is a the whole gang:

Maddox LOVED all his gifts. We gave him a Roly Poly Playground my parents gave him baseball cards and an Aunt farm.

After this we got back in the limo andheaded over to Marble Slab for some yummy ice cream. Ruby asked for "princess ice ream" and even though there is no such thing the guys at the counter created one for her from strawberry ice cream and sprinkles!!

It was a great time had by all and I am BEYOND happy that my sister and her family moved here from Cali this year!

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