Friday, July 30, 2010

18 weeks and a few days

These weeks seem to fly by! This week I have still been sick but I seem to not be losing my mind as much! It is doable. I mostly get sick in the morning and then just mildly queasy through the remainder of the day. My shortness of breath seems to be getting better too! This week Kevin was in Vegas from Sunday through Wednesday for work and it was my first time EVER to be alone that long! I have always had roommates or lived with my family. I am not so much of an "independent woman" BUT I will say that this time apart seemed to fly by! Luckily I did not pass out or feel like death while he was gone. On Sunday my great neighbors brought me over some AMAZING homemade chicken noodle soup. I seriously ate on that for the whole time Kevin was gone! Thanks Brian and Lyne! On Tuesday night my great friends Billy and Emily had me over for some CRAZY GOOD spaghetti and a movie...although me and Emi ended up talking through the whole thing. Sorry Billy : ). So, much love to good friends! I feel so blessed to have such great people in my life that seem to really care!

Fun fact! I am finding out what baby Rock is on Wednesday!

Yesterday my bestie Zip , her good friend Amanda, and I went to the new Buy Buy Baby in Frisco... I have to say I am still a Babies R Us fan. When we got back to her house she gave me a pair of maternity jeans.... HOLY MOLY! These things have changed my life! So comfortable. I am not so big yet but they don't put all that pressure on my belly like my button jeans do. I decided I needed another pair that was a little dressier too so my mom and I hit the mall today! And got a pair of these jeans:
Secret Fit Belly(tm) 5 Pocket Boot Cut Maternity Jeans

And two of these tops:

:Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Maternity T Shirt
I am so excited! I have been eyeing these cute fitted shirts!
Last but not least I also needed a MUCH bigger bra and I got this gem! It's a spanx maternity bra that fits like a dream!
SPANX Bra-llelujah Full Support Molded Cup Underwire Maternity Bra

All and all it was a great little shopping trip! Thanks for helping me out mom!

Anyone interested in some belly pics??? Here it is! I am also including one of me and ALL my babies b/c they are my sweet loves too!


  1. You look great! Can't wait to hear what baby Rock is! :)

  2. I have those jeans too!!! I am so getting that boobs are beyond obnoxious and mama needs a massive size increase in the bolder holder department!

  3. Ok, I swear I have those same jeans, lol! I could have just given you mine! I may have sold them at the garage sale though...I will have to check. I have some really cute Old Navy ones too. Does your ON have maternity...that was my life saver!