Thursday, July 8, 2010

15 weeks and some change

This past week has been pretty eventful, and by eventful, no... I did not get shot by a firework or even get anywhere near fireworks, fun parties, and for that matter, people in general... Nope, I pretty much stayed home ALLLLLL Weekend! Fun huh? Here is the low down:

Thursday I had to miss work b/c I BLACKED OUT...yup... while taking a shower. It was the scariest thing! I managed to get out and make my way to my bed where I preceded to cry and panic b/c my heart was racing, I was dizzy, and all I could see were little black dots! This was shortly followed by an intense migraine (not related). I can thank all these tropical storms for that one! For those who don't know me I get migraines with the rain. Usually 24 hours or less before it rains. There was no rain in the forecast either...but like clockwork it rained!

I did get out the next day to help with the Vigilante's game where the Youth dancers got to perform half time with the DVD's! They were so cute and sweet! One of the little girls ask me "Miss Liz, why aren't you dancing?" while another little girl interrupted me before I could answer saying... "Because she's got a BABY BUMP!". I have never laughed so hard! I ended up leaving after halftime b/c low and behold another front was moving in the next day and I had the WORST migraine again! YUCK!

I was sick all day Saturday too. Kevin and I just had a movie day in bed... it was nice.

Sunday while everyone was getting on with their fun and exciting fourth of July I was home sick...AGAIN! Sunday morning Kevin called me on his way home from the gym asking what I wanted him to bring me for breakfast (he's the best) and ALL I WANTED was cinnamon rolls! He brought me these little cinnamini things from MacDonald's. They were pretty good! I ate them and was drinking my orange juice when I leaned back on the couch to say "Man, that really hit the SPOTaaahhhhhbllaaahhhhh" and right there projectile breakfast all over myself... I have never seen Kevin move so fast to get me a trash bag. When I start I can't stop. I couldn't even get up to get to the bathroom! Poor Kevin is so sweet to take such good care of me! I took a nap and later that afternoon Kevin was so board so we went down the street to my parents house to swim. My dad made enchiladas for dinner (which I loved eating) but unfortunately I could keep them down. Words of advice- enchiladas DO NOT taste as good coming up as they do going down! On that note...I went on to bed.

I worked on Monday and went to see Toy Story 3 with my family after work... which was so cute! Loved Ken! He was my fav! I got sick Monday night after me and Kevin went to bed... BUT! Knock on wood, I have not been sick since then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 days! I think that is a record!

Tuesday I went to the Doctor and got to hear Pebbles heartbeat! I teared up a little. I have a baby GROWING INSIDE ME! AMAZING! Because I have been so sick I have only gained ONE lb in the last month! My bump has not grown since my last pic so I think I will wait until next week to post a new pic! OH.... and I have my sono appointment set to find out the sex of the baby! August 4th! CAN NOT WAIT! Any guesses as to what it may be??

Think that's it for now!


  1. Awe, my little rock...I cannot wait to find out what you are!!! I think I am still guessing boy, but I don't really have strong feelings either way. I feel like Aug. 4 is way too far away for me am I gonna wait that long???

  2. Oh Lizzie...I wish you felt better! I'm praying for you and pebble to be safe and sick free :) I think it's a BOY!!! Samantha's future boyfriend to be exact....If it is a girl though, it can be Sam's future bestie!!!

  3. either way they will be besties!