Saturday, January 2, 2010

On Monday around 3:30 I looked on good old craigslist for Italian Greyhounds and 2 hours later we were leaving our home to pick her up! I have been BEGGING Kevin for over a year to get another dog (specifically an IG). I have looked and looked for the right one everyday! They have two IG adoption leagues and we had found one we liked but they are about $300 then you have to buy a crate and pillow and food.... We just did not have then money! I went on CL Monday and there she was...$100, potty trained, 4 years old, and female. Everything I wanted! I told Kevin and sent him some pics. When he got home from work he said "Well, lets go get her". So we drove an hour an 1/2 each way and took her home! She is the sweetest little girl and EVERYTHING I wanted! She is such a cuddle bug! So of course she did not yet have a collar so I HAD to make her some! Here are some pics of her and the collars I made her:


  1. You should go into business little mama! These are so cute :)

  2. Thanks! I just Rider a Skull and Cross Bones one too! So cute!

  3. I LOVE HER and I want a collar for Koda, if it will work on a labs head? LOVE LOVE!!! SO good to play on Sat. night too - hope you girlies had fun after we left you :)

  4. Wow, you made those collars? Very cute :)

    I like the pink one best.

    Congratulations of your new doggie. I like her markings :)