Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year and new DECADE!

WOW! Here we are... quickly approaching the new decade (how is this happening?). I have to say this last 10 years was AMAZING! I can not wait for the next! To think, in y2k (HAHA) I graduated high school and started college at Collin County Community College, those were the days! I worked at TGP where I met (Zip) my best friend and roommate from 02-03. We had a BLAST and have memories imprinted! ; ) Of course I had to waist much of my time with a boyfriend (why do girls do this to themselves!?) for four of these years. I did learn so much from that and I am thankful! 2003-2005 were some of the most memorable years of my life! I changed jobs to work at an AMAZING dance studio and I was fortunate to be a professional dancer for the Dallas Desperados AFL team. I also got hired to work at Palm Beach Tan...and we all know who I met there!!! : ) Kevin and I quickly became friends (in a boss employee type way) and after about 3 months we started dating and a few months later we knew this was it! At the end of 2005 we started attending an incredible church called the Village where Kevin came to know Christ and was baptized (AMAZING! I got to baptize him). Summer of 2006 we were engaged and married only 3 short months later...2 months after that we started building our beautiful house. In 07 we moved into our home and I got my first big girl car after I totaled my old one. 2008 was full of ups and downs...our great love Rider came into our lives, but Kevin lost his job for over 3 months! We have seen great blessing in 2009! Kevin has a great job and we got our second little joy Lola. Along with all of these memories I have seen my best friends and family get married, buy houses, have beautiful babies, laugh, cry, and trust another day that God's plan is far greater than we will EVER know on this earth! Cheers to the last ten year and prayers for the next 10! I love you all!

I will post some pics of 2000-09 tomorrow! Just need to find the scanner!

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  1. I am SOOO glad you did an update like this because it has been way too long since I saw your pretty face at The Gymnastics Place!!! Happy 2010!