Monday, January 11, 2010

Running thus far

My training for my half marathon is half way done! I ran 7 miles for the first time yesterday and I am giddy like a school girl! It was refreshing and an overall AMAZING experience! I was nervous at first b/c I have missed some runs do to the weather and my leg had been hurt (still does a bit but I am working through this). I will be going to California at the end of the month and realized I will have to run 9 miles there! WOW! Literally my sisters neighborhood is ALL up hill! It is CRAZY! So we'll see how it goes! How is everyone else's training going this far I really want to here your stories! Got to get going Kevin just got home and we are going for a short run!


  1. Liz, I'm really impressed with your dedication! I totally look up to you and you have to keep it up until I'm able to work out again, then I can be your motivation!!! Keep it up sister :)

  2. Wait to go chicka, I'm so proud of you! Once you hit 8 you can do the whole shebang! Wait to go girl!!!