Thursday, January 20, 2011


Just want to find out who uses the wubbanub with your babies? I want to get one for Willa and need to know if this is a skip it or a must buy item?? She keeps her paci in pretty good, but I love this cute little animal attached... if I got her one I think I would go with the pink pony. She has to have everything pink and girly : ) Here it is:


  1. I have about 4 of them! Got one from a friend and the others from my mom so if you wanna borrow one and see how it works you could do that too but for me personally it really hasnt been beneficial because my darling princess does not take a pacie! grrr! lol so let me know...I have a kitty, a frog, a giraffe and another one but I forget...havent gotten the pony but that is cute!!!

  2. I have that exact pony in the blue boy I have 6 more of them (elephant, giraffe, monkey, lion, blue dog and brown dog). It seems like I am always washing one because my labs think that they are toys for them or they fall on the ground. My little boy doesn't take pacis that often...but they stay in place MUCH better than a regular soothie. I recommend them! Look on eBay for them or amazon- they have almost every one of them.