Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Biggest Loser

I just got home from the doctor and I have been cleared for ALL activity! Time to get this baby weight off! I am so ready to fit into my clothes again... Every Wednesday I will post about my weekly progress and I hope that YOU ( my readers ) will keep me accountable! I have officially cut out Coke and Fast Food and will be fixing all of my meals at home. Kevin and I are both ready to get back to our pre-baby healthy lifestyle. I am not going to get too low in my calories b/c I am breastfeeding, but the healthy eating and working out should do the trick for now! I would like to lose 18 lbs by this summer and then the last 7-10 by November. I am giving myself a year to get this off. That is how long it took me to lose my weight the first time. Now if it comes off faster than that, I will be happy. Heres to my new journey! We will see how easy it is to fit my workouts in AND be a mom AND work AND cook AND clean, BUT! I am ready for the challenge.

I also start work back up this week. 14 office hours and 3 teaching hours. YIKES! Luckily Willa gets to go with me : )


  1. Yay for getting back into shape- if you find any great recipes i would love to hear them. :)

  2. Girl I am with you! I need my work out partner(but not in this weather..ugh)! I'll call you later today and we can work something out...let's get this thing go'n!

  3. Good for you...you can do it =) you did it before and now you have even more motivation to get it off this time, since you know you are capable of it. Ill be rooting for ya ;) xo