Friday, August 14, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

I love this idea Ashley... and it will keep me blogging in the meantime! Just list the things you are thankful for!

**I am thankful for what God has provided me. I would never had even planned my life to be this good. Yes... I can't just go out and buy anything I want at anytime, but when I do I am that much more appreciative of what I have been blessed with.

**I am thankful for a God fearing husband that clings to the word of God and leads our relationship and family accordingly. He is a hard working, HOT, and dedicated husband that loves me as Christ loves the church. What more could a girl ask for?

**I am thankful for cleaning b/c it is then when I look at my house and realize how thankful I am to have it to clean!

**I am thankful for my dog! He is such a blessing! He teaches me responsibility every day!

**I am especial thankful for my family today. My sister is in town with my precious niece and nephew and they are here for a family reunion next week. Last night I was holding them and loving on them and my heart just wanted to jump out of my chest with aw and amazement at Gods creation!

Here are the little angels: Maddox and Ruby

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  1. Im glad I inspired you ;) Keep blogging!! xoxo