Saturday, June 27, 2009

TV stand

I got and put together this cute whimsical TV stand from Ikea! Well....not supposed to be a TV stand it is really meant to be a sideboard/buffet table. When I say I put it together really I mean I read the instructions and Kevin put it together. Ikea's instructions are supposed to be "universal". They have NO words LITERALLY! I was confused most of the time here is a pic of the instructions and Kevin putting it together:

After we got most of it together Kevin was getting tired so I stepped in and tried to put the drawers together. Ummm well... I failed! I put two of them together wrong and they were hammered together with this crazy plastic screw that was meant to never come out! Woops! Needless to say Kevin was pretty upset with me. Rut roooowww : (
I was able to talk my dad into saving the drawers for me and we got them in so this it what it looks like in place: (Note - the walls are not the color they are going to be, It will look much cuter when they are and I have decor around it)


  1. Thanks friend! Was it worth the wait?

  2. Well, look who's decided to blog again!! So happy to see that you're still around the blog-o-sphere! (I don't know what the blog-o-sphere is, but it sounded good...)


  3. Cuteness! Good job and thanks again for coming over. It's so much more special having you do my hair and make-up!