Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Passion for food...

Sorry I have been MIA for.... oh going on 6 months or so! I have been busy! Busy with what you ask? Cooking, being a wife, a mom, a Sunday school teacher, a dance teacher and new to the list...a jewelry consultant as well as we will be hosting a home group (for our church) at our home once a week! So you could say I have my plate full!

I am going to tell you a little about our family's nutrition. I am so blessed to have discovered, along with my whole family, the joys and rewards of eating a nutrient dense diet. Many people already know that we have cut out grains, sugars, and ANYTHING you can get on the inner part of the grocery store. This also means we do a completely organic, pastured and grass fed diet as well. My heart wells up when I see my little girl eating REAL yogurt made by ME at home from grass fed cows or I see her gobble up her "eggies" eggs cooked in grass fed butter in the morning. she of course LOVES meat! Chicken, fish, beef and pork! She also eats her veggies too, but I load them up with good fat like butter, ghee, or even bacon grease. Her favorite veggie combo right now is onions and mushrooms sauteed in butter and coconut aminos (kinda like soy sauce but we don't eat ANY soy not even the fermented kind). There are a few other key aspects to our diet that I will save for later.
Why do we eat this way you ask? To be healthy! As a Christian mom I have prayed through the question "Why is it important to be healthy?" while this isn't our "Goal" here on earth it is our responsibilities to be strong, healthy, and work hard for our families. You learn to REALLY appreciate and understand the things God has made naturally for our bodies. I have many moments of worship in my kitchen when I prepare the foods for my family because I know the science behind His creation and why I feed my family what I feed them. Man is sinful and does not have your best interest at heart when it come to you and your families health. The foods in most stores are filled with toxic chemicals, hormones, pesticides, preservatives and the tastes your tasting isn't even the food in many's "flavoring". People wonder why so many people are getting cancer, heart disease and diabetes to name a few. We are eating ourselves into the illnesses and I want to do my part and helping you and your family change this! I want to hold your hands and walk you through a very important life change! Kevin and I both have a strong passion for this and know that God has called us to help others.

Would you like to know more?


  1. So proud of you guys and I cannot wait to go back to eating this way after this pregnancy...I miss eating perfect, but it has been beyond difficult during this pregnancy unfortunately with food aversions and being sick in the beginning. Its funny how I originally inspired you, now you inspire me!! We need to catch up more soon since we didnt get the chance at my shower...wish you were close my friend =( love you

  2. Ash - You are so sweet! I just had so much fun seeing you last week and wish we could see more of each other! I am praying for you and your sweety pie!!